Though we did not reach the results we wanted, I am so proud of the campaign that we ran, and I have so much to be grateful for.

Thank you to every San Franciscan who voted in this election. Thank you to every individual who made the time to meet with me, mentor me, help spread my name, and support me in countless other ways.

If someone had told me as a six-year old — a recent refugee fleeing from war-torn Vietnam — that I would one day run for elected office and have the privilege of helping others, I would have never believed it. I have spent my entire career restoring justice and fighting for victims, families, and individuals who most need it most.

I wish nothing but success and good luck to the new Superior Court Judges, and I remain deeply dedicated to giving back to our community, our court, and our system of justice.

With gratitude,

Paid for by Pang Ly for Judge 2020. FPPC # 1421544.