Being displaced by war and tragedy gave me a new home and sense of belonging here in San Francisco. In 1979 I arrived in America as a child refugee from Vietnam and grew up in poverty living in Missouri with my six siblings and parents. Despite the difficulties and losing my father, I was the first in my family to graduate from college and law school. The hardships strengthened my commitment as a lawyer, currently working and living in San Francisco these past 15 years, to advancing justice for all.

The legal system has the incredible power to level the playing field for everyone and I am very aware of what it feels like to come up against an unlevel playing field as an immigrant woman. Sustainable justice, when in balance, requires the equal and fair application of the law to every person from all walks of life. Ten years ago I entered public service to ensure that promise is still being kept. Now I am running for Judge of the San Francisco County Superior Court and will work hard to protect equality for all San Franciscans. 

I am deeply appreciative that 21 San Francisco County Superior Court judges, Assemblymember David Chiu, and civil rights pioneer Dale Minami endorsed my candidacy on day one. They know that my extensive legal experience and personal commitment to the community will ensure my service as an honorable and humble judge. I hope you will join me on this campaign to not just elect me as judge but to make sure that whether you fled from Vietnam or are a fourth generation San Franciscan, that you know you belong in this extraordinary community where equality is essential to justice for all.

Paid for by Pang Ly for Judge 2020. FPPC # 1421544.